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Yard ArielMaurice d’Eon is owner/operator of d’Eon Boatbuilding Limited. A certified diesel mechanic, he takes a hands-on approach to the business and can be found actively working on the boats built in his boatyard along with his 12 employees. The business administration and boat quotations are left in the capable hands of Michel Surette, whose immense value resulted in his becoming Maurice’s business partner. Always researching new products, you can rest assured that he will purchase only top quality building materials and equipment for your vessel.

The construction Crew consists of fine craftsmen specializing in all aspects of boat building – fibreglassing, carpentry, welding, engine mechanics, etc. They build and repair vessels at the yard, are dispatched to local wharves to take care of minor problems so that there is little disruption to the fisher and have also traveled outside of the province to ensure the best possible customer service.

The Boat Yard has an 8900 sq. ft. building comprised of:

  • three boat bays of different sizes – depending upon the size of boat being constructed
  • a Stockroom that carries all materials needed by the yard crew ensuring no delays
  • a Welding Shop that provides our welder with the space and materials to fabricate all types of metal

The boat repair work is done on the two 50-ton marine railways.

We, at d’Eon Boatbuilding Limited, allow customers to make their own choices for their new vessels from the hull to the anchors, creating a genuine understanding of what they are purchasing. Remember, a custom vessel is always the customer’s choice, and the customer is always right!